Reflectance Factors of Natural Objects


I have collected two sets of natural spectra and I make these available for anyone to use if they can be of help.

The first set were collected at Keele University and this conists of 404 objects that were collected around Keele University campus in about 1998. The spectra were originally collected (in collaboration with Huw Owens and Julian Shaw) using a tele-spectroradiometer (the spectral radiance of each object was captured and the spectral radiance from a white tile was also collected at the same time to allow the calculation of reflectance factors). Unfortunately the spectral reflectance factors are all that are currently available. These spectra are referred to in the publication: Westland S, Shaw AJ & Owens HC, 2000. Colour statistics of natural and man-made surfaces. Sensor Review, 20 (1), 50-55.

The second set of of data were collected around Derby University in about 2002 (in collabiration as Vien Cheung as part of her MSc thesis). The reflectance factors of 274 objects (mainly leaves) were collected directly using a Macbeth 7000A reflectance spectrophotometer with specular component included. Each object was measured front and back to create 494 spectra. Although these data are less colourful than the first set, it is interesting that we have a photograph of each sample and these can be seen here. Both sets of spectra can be downloaded here.


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RGB representations of the Keele set.
RGB representations of the Derby set.