Colour 2019

A mini-conference about colour imaging, colour science and colour design hosted by the School of Design (University of Leeds) on 29-30 July 2019. Registration was free but by invitation only. The conference was followed by a CIE TC8.17 technical meeting on the 31 July.
Some of the presentations can be downloaded here.

Programme Outline

Monday 29th July
09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome

Session Chair: Dr Kaida Xiao
09:40 R W G Hunt Tribute Lecture - Prof Mike Pointer (Leeds University)
10:15 Keynote: Overview of Recent Development in Colour Research and Applications - Prof Ronnier Luo (Zhejiang University)

10:55 Coffee/Tea

Session Chair: Dr Qianqian Pan
11:20 An Overview of Research at the Basic and Applied Colorimetry Laboratory of the University of Granada - Prof Manuel Melgosa (University of Granada)
11:45 A Colour Appearance Model for Self-Luminous Stimuli and its Wide Applicability for Brightness Prediction - Prof Peter Hanselaer (Ku Leuven University)
12:10 At the Cutting Edge of Additive Manufacturing - Mr Yoav Bressler (Stratasys Corp)

12:35 Lunch

Session Chair: Ms Chelsea Sullivan
13:30 An Overview of Colour Research at Leeds University - Prof Stephen Westland (University of Leeds)
13:55 Methods for Computing CIE Tristimulus Values - Prof Changjun Li (University of Science and Technology Liaoning)
14:20 Advances in Large Format Printing - Dr Jan Morovic (Hewlett Packard)
14:45 The Development of Appearance and Total Appearance Studies - Prof John Hutchings (University of Leeds)

15:05 Tea

Session Chair: Ms Jing Lin
15:30 An Overview of Colour Research at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication - Prof Min Huang and Dr Jiong Liang (Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication)
15:55 Chromatic Adaptation in Colour Management - Prof Phil Green (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
16:20 An Overview of Research at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology - Dr Pei-Li Sun (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
16:45 Recent Colour Research in Display Industry and from BenQ - Mr Chris Bai (BenQ Corp)
17:10 Fundamental colour matching functions in colour vision and colour science - Prof Andrew Stockman (University College London)

17:35 Close

17:45 Poster/Exhibitor Session
TBD - Amal Alkhabra (University of Leeds)
Word-Colour Associations - Yun Chen (University of Leeds)
Colour management High Dynamic Range Imaging - Keith Findlater (University of Leeds)
Effect of Backgrounds with Different Lightness on Color Appearance - Ruili He (University of Leeds)
Data-based colour forecasting - Peihua Lai (University of Leeds)
Effect of Intensity of Short-wavelength Light on Subjective and Objective Alertness - Jing Lin (University of Leeds)
What makes a successful logo? - Ahmed Nasseraldin (University of Leeds)
Assessment of Tooth Yellowness - Chelsea Sullivan (University of Leeds)
Effectiveness of colour and light experimence in VR - Guobin Xia (University of Leeds)
Developing an automatic method for generating colour palette from landscape images - Jie Yang (University of Leeds)
The effect of colour on consumer puechase bahaviour - Luwen Yu (University of Leeds)
Optimising A Color Filter for Obtaining Colorimtric Camera - Yuteng Zhu (University of East Anglia)
Visual perception and objective measurement of stitch-resist dyeing patterns - Bintan Titisari (University of Leeds)
Cross-Media Colour Matching under Chromatic Lights - Jan Kucera (University of Newcastle)
TBD - Maliha Ashraf (University of Liverpool)

18:45 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 30th July
Session Chair: Prof Stephen Westland
09:00 Keynote: Colour Appearance and Real-World Illumination - Prof David Foster (University of Manchester)
09:40 The Changing Face of Colour Education - Mr Andrew Filarowski (Society of Dyers and Colourists)
10:05 An Overview of Lighting Research at ENTPE - Dr Coralie Cauwerts (ENTPE)

10:30 Coffee/tea

Session Chair: Mr Keith Findlater
11:00 An Overview of Colour Research at NTNU - Prof Jon Yngve Hardeberg (NTNU)
11:25 Matching Undertones: The impact of formulation on colour for decorative paints - Dr Anna Steel (AkzoNobel)
11:50 Chromatic and Luminance Contrast Sensitivity at High Light Levels - Prof Sophie Wuerger (University of Liverpool)
12:15 Skin Colour Measurement and Applications - Dr Kaida Xiao (Leeds University)

12:40 Lunch

Session Chair: Dr Marjan Vazirian
13:30 Spectrum Tunable Lighting Technology and Applications - Dr Albert Chou (ThousLite)
13:55 The Influence of Textile Colour and Patten on Children's Learning Behaviour - Dr Yiting Duan (Zhejiang Sci-Tech University)
14:20 The Metrological Non-Uniformity Assessment in Perceptual and Physical Domain - Dr Noel Richard (University of Poitiers)
14:45 Color in Images: Garbage In, Garbage Out? - Prof Alessandro Rizzi (University of Milan)

15:10 Tea

15:40 Tour of Labs

17:00 Close

18:30 Speakers' Dinner (hosted by Ronnier Luo)

Wednesday 31st July

14:00 CIE Technical Committee 8-17 meeting
16:00 Close


Conference Details

Venue: School of Design, University of Leeds
Dates: 29-30 July 2019

Conference Committee

Stephen Westland
Kaida Xiao
Yun Chen
Guobin Xia
Peihua Lai
Qianqian Pan
Luwen Yu
Chelsea Sullivan
Marjan Vazirian


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